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Feuertaufen in Berlin

Judith Malina at Berliner Lektionen

A woman in a dark dress is lying on a white mattress.

Judith Malina © Bernd Uhlig

4:30:00 PM
45 min
In German

About This Lecture

“In 1961, we came to Berlin, this city that always pushes against boundaries. That is why this is such an interesting place. The complacency that is all around us can be felt much less here. There is a striving here against all conditions and all boundaries.” Judith Malina, actor, director and co-founder of the Living Theatre with Julian Beck, visited Berlin repeatedly and experienced both great support and great disappointments. Her Berlin Lecture “Feuertaufen in Berlin”, held at the Renaissance Theater as part of the 1991 Berlin Theatertreffen, gives an insight into the working conditions and structures of independent theatre, presents central stages of the company’s development and is the document of a woman for whom compromise was never an option.


Judith Malina Actor and director

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