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Living Theatre: Then & Now

Julian Beck and Judith Malina are sitting next to each other cross-legged.

Living Theatre: Then & Now © Bernd Uhlig

Available until 12/31/2031
3:15:00 PM
Live stream
1 h
In German with simultaneous translation into English

About This Production

Julian Beck’s collected writings on various aspects of his theoretical and practical theatre work in connection with the Living Theatre are radical and visionary – and not always easy to understand today. How deeply are they rooted in the context of the times of their writing? Where can we look for connections and find inspiration? What do they have to tell us today? In an open discussion, institutional challenges, performative self-contradictions and impossible dialogues will be explored.


Thomas Oberender Author and dramaturg
Milo Rau Director and author
Kathrin Tiedemann Dramaturg, curator and theatre director
Anna Opel Moderation

Living Theatre: Then & Now (in German)

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