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VR Theatre performance

Das HOUSE – ReInventing the Real

by minus.eins

The computer-generated facade of the cathedral of Notre Dame stands in front of a black background.

Das HOUSE – ReInventing the Real © minus.eins

7:00:00 PM
Mozilla Hubs
1 h 30 min
In German

About This Production

From the first months of the pandemic, the team of minus.eins, in co-operation with Schauspiel Dortmund and the Academy for Theatre and Digitality, have been researching purely digital, web-based theatre experiences in the virtual realm. “Das HOUSE – ReInventing the Real” unites the episodes “Das HOUSE 0.1” and “Das HOUSE 0.2” and invites viewers to an exclusive guided tour through an unusual web format. We will begin in Dortmund’s city centre, in the vicinity of Theater Dortmund. For the past two years, there has been a shutdown and all public life has come to a standstill. But there seems to be something going on at the theatre. Live music, a kind of opening event, all kinds of weird characters – and then there is the rumour that someone has been building an exact replica of the cathedral of Notre Dame on stage for years. What is happening in this digital interim world? What is already real, what is still virtual?

For interactive participation, we recommend that you use a desktop or laptop computer with a stable internet connection and the browser Google Chrome. To avoid noise interference and feedback, please use a headset or headphones with a microphone. These technical requirements don’t apply if you would merely like to watch the stream of the performance.

Artistic Team

Roman Senkl Director, idea, play development
Nils Corte Creative coder, technical direction
Max Schweder World building, sound programming, audio reactive visuals

Team „Das HOUSE 0.1“

Elisaweta Verprinskaja Set design
TD Finck von Finckenstein Music, noises
Friederike Wörner Costume design
Gloria Schulz Digital artist
Elisabeth Drache 3D design
Matthias Seier Dramaturgy
Péter Sanyó Assistant director


Christian Freund, Frank Genser, Max Ranft, Uwe Schmieder, Anke Zillich

Team „Das HOUSE 0.2“

3D design
Nils Gallist, David Seul, Tobias Wüstefeld, Vincenz Neuhaus
Harald Günter Kainer Music
Armin Luschin Web programming


Lisa Schützenberger

“Das HOUSE 0.1” was funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. For “Das HOUSE 0.2”, special thanks go to the team of Ars Electronica.

Excerpt from "Cherubim" by Werner Fritsch with the kind permission of Suhrkamp Verlag.

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