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Staged Reading

Midnight Movie

by Eve Leigh, German translation by Henning Bochert

Eve Leigh is looking into the camera.

Eve Leigh © Tom Penn

4:00:00 PM
Livestream from Münchner Kammerspiele / Habibi Kiosk
1 h
In German and English with German sign language

About This Text

Written as a piece of autofiction, Eve Leigh’s “Midnight Movie” tells the story of a young woman who suffers from chronic pain. She spends her sleepless nights alone on the Internet, trying to escape reality tab by tab and story by story. The author skillfully combines descriptions of her own condition with stories from various Internet forums. “Midnight Movie” is a text of great sensitivity and poetry and reaches people whose physical absence in the theatre generally remains unquestioned.

Artistic Team

Verena Regensburger Scenic arrangement
Gwendolin Lehnerer Dramaturgy
Anne Laure Jullian de la Fuente Design
Simon Popp Music
Franziska Dommasch German sign language interpreter


Kassandra Wedel

We would like to thank Münchner Kammerspiele / Habibi Kiosk for their friendly support in connection with the implementation of the live stream.

Eve Leigh in a short film portrait by Juliette Hüsler

Eve Leigh in Conversation with Simon Stephens

The Royal Court Theatre’s Playwright's Podcast x Stückemarkt Artists. Special takeover/partnership. The Playwrights’ Podcast released a new series of interviews lead by playwright Simon Stephens with this year’s Stückemarkt artists. 5 new episodes with 6 writers.

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