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by and with Jude Christian

Jude Christian is standing in front of a dark brick wall.

Jude Christian © Manuel Harlan

2:00:00 PM
Recording from The Yard Theatre (London)
1 h
In English

About This Production

In her autobiographical solo performance “Nanjing”, Jude Christian addresses the sources of her own origins and identity. This equally captivating and gentle show reveals forgotten moments in history and asks what would the individual be ready to die for. “Nanjing” is a personal plea for resistance and a call to write history together.

A Message from the Team: Thank you for watching “Nanjing”. We filmed this version of the show two weeks ago in London, without an audience. It was the only way to make sure we could show it to you, whatever variants and lockdowns the pandemic might throw our way. But “Nanjing” is live theatre. It exists to make space for conversations to happen. The first part of the show is about one person talking to a roomful of listeners, but in the second part we always invite people to stay and talk – to us, to each other; to friends, to acquaintances, to strangers. And although in the current world it was not possible to make the first part live, we still very much want to talk to you – about pacifism, about history, about whatever the play makes you want to talk about. So we’ll be in the virtual festival garden between 17:00 and 19:00 on 23 May and between 12:00 and 14:00 on 24 May. We would love to see you there.

Artistic Team

Jude Christian Text and performance
Elayce Ismail Director
Joshua Pharo Filmmaker
Jasmin Kent Rodgman Composer
Tamara Moore Production


Jude Christian

Jude Christian in a short film portrait by Juliette Hüsler

Jude Christian in Conversation with Simon Stephens

The Royal Court Theatre’s Playwright's Podcast x Stückemarkt Artists. Special takeover/partnership. The Playwrights’ Podcast released a new series of interviews lead by playwright Simon Stephens with this year’s Stückemarkt artists. 5 new episodes with 6 writers.

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