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Graf Öderland

A Ballad in Twelve Scenes by Max Frisch

Graf Öderland. Video trailer © Residenztheater

6:03:00 PM
3sat-recording from Residenztheater (Munich)
1 h 40 min
In German with English subtitles

About This Production

A bank clerk bludgeons a janitor to death: with no reason, no motive, just like that. This murderer and his “senseless” deed totally derail the general prosecutor whose job it is to bring the charge. In a mad rush, he leaves his well-ordered existence and becomes an axe-wielding murderer, initiating a bloody movement against the socio-political status quo. Stefan Bachmann takes the subtitle of this “ballad” at face value. The multifaceted live music, a cast who are clearly going all out and Olaf Altmann’s congenial spatial positing create a nightmarish maelstrom that sees the story of “Count Oederland with the axe in his hand” as timeless while at the same time evoking countless highly topical associations.

Artistic Team

Stefan Bachmann Director
Olaf Altmann Set design
Esther Geremus Costume design
Sven Kaiser Composition
Roland Edrich Lighting design
Sabina Perry Body work
Barbara Sommer Dramaturgy


Thiemo Strutzenberger The Prosecutor
Barbara Horvath Elsa / A Gendarme / The Aged State President
Simon Zagermann Dr Hahn / A Convict
Linda Blümchen Hilde / Inge / Coco
Steffen Höld The Murderer
Klaus Brömmelmeier Mario / A Gendarme / The General / Mrs Hofmeier
Moritz von Treuenfels A Guard / A Concierge / The Commissioner / A Student
Mario Fuchs The Father / A Boy / The Minister of the Interior
Julius Schröder The Mother / The Driver / The Director

Sven Kaiser Musical director
Tobias Weber Electric guitar
Cornelius Borgolte Bass clarinet / Clarinet
Julia Bassler Violin / Electric violin

Premiere February 14, 2020

Theater Basel

A co-production of Theater Basel (artistic directorship of Andreas Beck, proxy Almut Wagner) and Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel/Residenztheater (Munich)

Performing rights: Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin

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