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After-show talk “Einfach das Ende der Welt”

with reception in honour of the artists

A pink colour field shows slight abstract contours.

After-show talk “Einfach das Ende der Welt”

8:40:00 PM
Live stream
1 h
In German with simultaneous translation into English

About This Event

What does the development of a production look like? What are the principles guiding the artistic practice? In the after-show talk, members of the company will explain how the invited production was conceived, developed and created. Ask your questions via the chat function and the moderator will include them in the conversation. A tribute to the artists by Yvonne Büdenhölzer, director of Theatertreffen, is also part of this event.

Following the after-show talk, you can meet and greet participants of the production in the virtual garden.


Team “Einfach das Ende der Welt”
Maja Beckmann, Katinka Deecke, Nils Kahnwald, Ulrike Krumbiegel, Benjamin Lillie, Wiebke Mollenhauer, Matze Pröllochs, Jonathan Mertz, Christopher Rüping, Benjamin von Blomberg, Nicolas Stemann
Andreas Klaeui Theatertreffen-juror
Shirin Sojitrawalla Moderation

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