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NAME HER. Eine Suche nach den Frauen+

by Marie Schleef

Performer Anne Tismer in “NAME HER. Eine Suche nach den Frauen+“.

NAME HER. Eine Suche nach den Frauen+. Anne Tismer. © Hendrik Lietmann

4:00:00 PM
Recording from Ballhaus Ost (Berlin)
6 h
In German with English subtitles

About This Production

There are not enough female role models? Director Marie Schleef would disagree vehemently. For her long durational performance “NAME HER. Eine Suche nach den Frauen+ (NAME HER. In Search of Women+)”, she and her creative team have unearthed countless inspiring female biographies with meticulous archaeological care. In front of a gameshow triptych designed by Jule Saworski, the tireless expert and entertainer Anne Tismer guides us through the A to Z of great destinies and small anecdotes of women from several centuries – so versatile, impressive and inspiring that seven hours just fly by.

Artistic Team

Marie Schleef Concept, text, surtitles and staging
Anne Tismer Performance and text
Jule Saworski Set and costume design, video and image installation
Laura Andreß Dramaturgy, text and surtitles
Wiebke Jahns Communication and network
Ruben Müller Video operator, sound design and stage management
Michiko Günther Creative collaboration
Fabian Eichner Lighting design


Anne Tismer

Premiere September 25, 2020

Ballhaus Ost, Berlin

A production by Marie Schleef in co-operation with Ballhaus Ost (Berlin), Münchner Kammerspiele (Munich) and Kosmos Theater (Vienna).

Funded with the support of Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the district of Pankow (Berlin), office of further education, arts and culture – funding for arts and culture.

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