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A project by and with Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś with music by Kim Twiddle

Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś in “SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP“.

SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP. Lucy Wilke, Pawel Duduś. © Martina Marini-Misterioso

5:00:00 PM
Recording from HochX Theater und Live Art (Munich)
1 h
In German and English with English subitles
German audio description

About This Production

Actor and singer Lucy Wilke was born with spinal muscular atrophy. There would be no reason to mention this in any other context, but it is in fact the point of departure for this production, “SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP” from Munich. Together with dancer Paweł Duduś, Wilke developed this intimate, seemingly utopian portrait of a friendship that does away with all boundaries. In seven short chapters and accompanied with live interpreted and mixed music by e-composer Kim Twiddle, the two of them explore their bodies and their dreams through symbiotic movements, attentive speaking and synaesthetic choreography. Playfully and without any moralistic attitude of superiority, they overcome society’s norms and insecurities towards people who appear to be different from the majority.

Artistic Team

Idea and concept
Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś
Development and performance
Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś, Kim Ramona Ranalter
Kim Ramona Ranalter Electronic composition, stage music
Set design
Theresa Scheitzenhammer, Alexander Wilke
Barbara Westernach Lighting design
Outside Eye
Tamara Pietsch, David Bloom
Kathrin Schäfer KulturPR PR
Rat & Tat Kulturbüro Artistic production management
Maryna Mikhalchuk Assistance


Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś, Kim Ramona Ranalter

Premiere February 13, 2020

schwere reiter, München

Funded by the Cultural Department of State Capital of Munich, Bayerischer Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT) with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts, the district of Upper Bavaria and the Cultural Foundation of Stadtsparkasse München.

This production is supported by Tanztendenz München e. V.

Short Introduction with Dramaturg Tamara Pietsch (in German with English subtitles)

Audio descriptive introduction to “SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP” (in German)

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