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Award Ceremony


awarded to Thiemo Strutzenberger

Thiemo Strutzenberger is looking straight into the camera.

Thiemo Strutzenberger © Lucia Hunziker

About This Event

Since 1997, 3sat has bestowed the 3sat-Award for an artistically innovative achievement to one or more artists from the circle of the invited ensembles. In 2021, actor Thiemo Strutzenberger will be distinguished for his performance in Stefan Bachmann’s production of “Graf Öderland (Count Oederland)”. The jury statement says: “Stefan Bachmann has staged civilisation’s nightmare, a frenzy of violence. Actor Thiemo Strutzenberger is a high-risk Öderland, a man for whom the dividing lines between waking dream and panicked clarity have long since become permeable. Alienation, cultural anxiety and a feeling of tedium in civil society suddenly shift into pure aggression: the traumatic quintessence of an enraged citizen.”

The 2021 jury for the award consists of Yvonne Büdenhölzer (director of Theatertreffen), Andreas Klaeui (theatre critic and member of the Theatertreffen-jury) and Wolfgang Horn (member of the music and theatre editorial staff of ZDF). The 3sat-award comes with a prize money of 10,000 Euros.

The award ceremony was taped during a small-scale event previous to the Theatertreffen and is complemented by some words of greeting from 3sat’s coordinator Natalie Müller-Elmau.

The ceremony for the 3sat-Award will be presented as part of the after-show talk about “Graf Öderland” and the reception in honour of the artists. The stream will be starting on 17 May at 21:40.


Thiemo Strutzenberger Actor
Wolfgang Horn Member of the music and theatre editorial staff of ZDF
Natalie Müller-Elmau Coordinator 3sat at ZDF

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