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Male, Female, Diverse.

Gender perspectives on the 10 Selected Productions

Male, Female, Diverse.

Available until 12/31/2031
12:30:00 PM
Live stream
20 min
In German with simultaneous translation into English

About This Event

The theatre uses gender performances in order to make itself understood. Gender is revealed as a construction, altered or simply discarded and forgotten. Often, however, theatrical representation makes use of stereotypes, and regressive gender images in the plays produced remain uncommented. How is gender rendered discernible? What breaks open existing norms and what kind of representation merely reproduces them? Theatre scholars Katharina Rost and Jenny Schrödl have carefully scrutinised the staging of the ten selected productions. They show what a feminist aesthetic could look like and where red flags can be seen.


Katharina Rost University of Bayreuth
Jenny Schrödl Freie Universität Berlin

This event is a part of the theme day “Practice What You Preach”.

Male, Female, Diverse. (in German)

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